Authentic German Beer steins

German beer steins are decorative and memorable souvenirs from the vacation to Deutschland. The pewter lids originated in the 14th century to part ways drinking beer from the painful death. Traditional German steins are designed to keep your bugs out.

German beer steins

Having worked in Germany for so many years, our shelves are decorated using a half of several beautiful beer steins. Stein originates from Steinzeugkrug, or stoneware jug. Inside the late section of the 14th century the Bubonic Plague or Black Death killed millions. Effortlessly that death, swarms of black flies buzzed across Germany, sustaining death and disease. Germans implemented many health rules to protect the survivors from the plagues. One was that beer steins required lids to keep the flies out of the brew.

Rich Germans used silver or gold for their steins. The normal drinking population used stoneware. Just one benefit to be a plague survivor was the few remaining laborers received high pay. They invested a selection of their salary into decorative stoneware with shields, knights, and other images.

In the 1892 Oktoberfest glass beer mugs were introduced. With fewer flies and hygiene, the German beer stein benefits diminished. They became decorative art and standard tourist souvenirs.

German beer steins

While traveling in Germany, look for taverns where customers generate their own beer steins. It is fun to check out different colors and designs. The sounds are marvelous with the snapping pewter lids one of the laughter. Returning over six centuries having a crowd, such as this, as well as their German beer steins, no bug stood a chance.


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